Custom Low Profile / Level Access

Custom Low Profile Height Bases

Custom Low Profile Showers can be made any size and shape needed. The low curb height ranges from 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" tall depending on the size of the shower.

Low Profile showers continue to grow in popularity because they not only offer easy accessibility, but also a more contemporary styling.

Another unique effect of the low profile showers is that the shower will feel larger because the curb and flanges do not intrude into the shower floor area. Overall, the low profile showers have several unique advantages which can make them a good choice for a shower.

Often, the question regarding water leaking comes up. In most cases, the low profile shower will perform the same as a full height shower. When using a shower door, the Low Profile and Full Height showers will work the same. When a shower curtain is being used with a Low Profile Shower, we recommend making the shower as large as possible (42" or more from the curb to the back wall is best). Also it is a good idea to have the shower head directed away from the shower curtain as much as possible. A weighted shower curtain can also be used to help keep the water inside the shower.