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Proudly Made In Kansas, USA
Proudly Made In Kansas, USA

Standard Lavatory

Standard Lavatories are available in hundreds of sizes, 15 bowl styles, either Flat or Raised edge and also 5/8" or 1" thickness. Standard Lavatories can have one bowl (centered or offset) or two bowls. Click on the bowl style below to see all the available sizes.

A Standard Lavatory is one for which we already have a mold, and so it requires no special setup and is therefore generally less expensive than a custom.

Standard Lavatories are categorized below by bowl style. If the lavatory you need is not specifically listed in this section, including anything with an Eclipse bowl, it is available as a custom lavatory. Please see our section on Custom Lavatories. More information on Standard Lavatories."

Custom Lavatory

Custom lavatories can be any length, depth, thickness, or shape and can incorporate any of our bowl styles and edge styles.  The possibilities are endless.

Please specify faucet hole spacing when ordering: 4" is typical for a one-piece faucet set; 8" is used for three-piece sets. We can also do single holes, and even add an extra hole for a soap dispenser if requested.